La Ferme Community


Green Smoothie Workshop

Lets make a green smoothie!

Visit my permaculture garden and learn about

the nutritional and medicinal value of greenleaves put

together in a refreshing and healthy drink!

You are welcome EVERY MO/WE & FR to join the celebration!

from 9am-10:30am

no registration needed

contribution 400 rupees


Raw Food Workshop 



Come to discover my permaculture garden!

Lets harvest greens,vegetables,fruits,flowers and herbs and

create together healthy,living raw food dishes.

Get an idea on how to start growing yout own food!

Learn how easy it is to prepare raw foods in 

a delicious and vibrant way!

Our lunch will include

Chutneys,Raita,Sprouts,Salads,Wraps,Herbal Teas...

Fresh,real,raw and delicious!

The menu will use only vegan organic and mostly raw whole food ingredients.

without the addition of oil,gluten and sugar.




Every Wednesday & Saturday 11am


La Ferme Community

contribution 1200 rupees

   This Workshop is limited to 6 persons. 

for bookings and more infos please contact me.

Raw Dessert Workshop

Learn how to make simple,delicious and healthy

Sugarfree Sweets

such as Carrot Cake,Cheese Cake,Pies,Ice Creams

and Bliss Balls.

You will get some basic recipies,to start your own crations!

We will use all Organic Whole Food Ingredients.

This is a learning and tasting experience 

to get inspired!

contribution 800 rupees

for infos & registration please contact me.

Fermenting Workshop

Get a basic idea on how to ferment foods and its benefits!

We will harvest  fresh local foods from the permaculture garden,such as green papaya,long beans chillis,moringa leaves and herbs.

and then make together some amazing tasting

Green Papaya Kimchi.

You will also learn how to make delicious creamy

Vegan Coconut Kefir.

We will use all Organic Whole Food Ingredients.

This is a learning and tasting experience.

contribution 800 rupees

for infos & registration please contact me.



Are you interested in Permaculture and how to grow your own Food?

You are welcome to volunteer at GreenLeaf Garden and learn about local food,raw food,permaculture!

The main jobs are:

Planting,moulching,harvesting,nursery,seed saving and food processing.

Other jobs include helping to design recipie cards,product labels,flyers and posters.Helping with the Workshops and market.

To learn more ,come to one of my workshops or contact me.



GreenLeaf is a small Auroville Activity that came to live in 2019

After coming to Auroville and working  as a Chef on a permaculture farm I started to create my own garden.

Slowly it grew into a beautiful food garden and is always transforming.

I really wanted to share my passion about growing my own food  with the community and started GreenLeaf

Activity for this purpose.The activity combines my passion for permaculture,local food,raw food,healthy eating

and community.

It is a continuous learning by observing and trying out that fills me with lots of joy!


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